While preparing this issue of Press Start for publication, I finally conceded that the word "Gamergate" probably belonged in my spellchecker's dictionary. Certainly, one could view the proliferation of this term – and its legitimatisation, implicit in my decision to stop having my word processor complain about its use – as a grim indictment of contemporary gaming culture. However, that a student journal of game studies can begin to address the issues surrounding Gamergate – however indirectly, in this case – demonstrates a laudable maturity in our discipline's approach to the phenomenon.

Author Biography

Matthew Barr, HATII at the University of Glasgow
Research Developer, Lecturer and PhD student at HATII at the University of Glasgow. PhD research concerns how playing video games may help develop transferable skills and competencies. Convenor of the HATII Game Studies and Multimedia Analysis & Design courses.
June 11, 2015