Editorial Board members wanted!

June 11, 2015

Press Start is looking for up to six new volunteer Editorial Board members. Board members are expected to:

  • Guide submissions made to Press Start through the editorial process. This will involve:
    • Assigning appropriate reviewers
    • Following up with reviewers as required
    • Providing authors with the results of the review process, including a summary of reviewers’ comments
    • Following up with accepted authors where reviewers have recommended revisions be made before publication
    • Completing all of the above tasks in a timely fashion to ensure publication deadlines set by the Editor are met
  • Review submissions to Press Start when necessary
  • Answer queries from authors and prospective authors via the Press Start Facebook Group
  • Take part in Editorial Board conference calls e.g. by Skype (no more than twice per year)
  • Promote the journal online, at your local institution and at relevant events

Board members should possess good reading and writing skills (Press Start is published in English) and should be able to work independently and reliably to fulfil the duties outlined above in a timely manner. Eligibility criteria for appointment to the Board are identical to those that govern eligibility to publish in Press Start: Board members must be currently enrolled students, or within one year of graduation at time of appointment. Appointment to the Board is for one year (or the equivalent of two issues of the journal) in the first instance; however, the Editor may ask eligible members (currently up to two) to remain on the Board for an additional year, to help ensure continuity and to facilitate knowledge sharing.

To be considered for a Board position, please email the Editor at Matthew.Barr@glasgow.ac.uk with a short biographical statement (up to 100 words) that illustrates your suitability for the Board. Priority will be given to those who have previously reviewed for, or published with, Press Start. We are aiming to have the new Board in place by the end of July 2015 so that work can begin on the next issue (due by December 2015). If you have any queries, drop Matt an email at the above address, and do feel free to share this announcement.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a paid appointment! It is a voluntary position, which provides excellent experience of working on a peer-reviewed publication and should look good on any CV or resume.

Update: The closing date for applications is Friday 26th June 2015.